Yacon Molasses- A Breakthrough in Weight Loss

Every individual wants to stay physically fit nowadays and look great in whatever the latest fashion trend is. But in order to stay that slim one has to follow a strict diet and exercise regime. Where some individuals find this easy to follow, others detest it completely. Therefore many people try to switch to quick fix diet fads. Many such diet fads have come and gone with many new advancements in technology. But one of the latest and most successful breakthroughs in weight loss research and studies is the discovery of Yacon Molasses.

Wondering what is it? Well, this is basically obtained from the Yacon plant which is found in South America. This plant is a natural, organic, thick black molasses kind of a sweetener which has been used for hundreds of years among the people of Peru. It is gaining popularity due to its nutritional properties, that is, low levels of sugar and less calories. The roots of this plant are consumed by the people suffering from diabetes and other digestive disorders as it is rich in antioxidants, potassium, vitamin A, C and E and also consists of Fructooligosarccharide which is a natural sugar, thereby helping in charging up the metabolism, stimulating the colon and aiding in digestion.

Yacon Molasses Benefits

Yacon MolassesHere are some of the benefits of this 100% pure organic syrup:

  • Weight Loss
  • Colon Health
  • Safe for Diabetes
  • Useful for treating Blood Pressure and Cholesterol


Weight Loss

It works towards weight loss by reducing the amount of hunger hormone and acting as a natural appetite spirant, that is, creating a feeling of fullness in the body by controlling the emptying rates, thus stimulating weight loss. In addition to this it also helps the liver to convert fatty acids into energy thereby burning excessive fat. It also contains good bacteria which helps to improve the immune system of the body, that is, it allows the body to absorb food nutrients and digest them down, keeping the body healthy.

Colon Health

Fructooligosarccharide basically are prebiotics which means that they help in establishing a stage for a healthy intestinal development. It’s cleansing effect also helps to balance the presence of “good bacteria” on the colon, thereby keeping it healthy.

Safe for Diabetes

yacon-benefitsYacon Molasses is considered very safe for people suffering from diabetes as it is low on the glycemic index. Diabetic people often have a tough time finding a natural sweetener, therefore this being low on sugar level is a very useful natural and organic sweetener for such people.

Useful for treating Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

It also helps to lower bad cholesterol levels as it acts as a blood thinner reducing the chances of formation of clot and thereby lowering the blood pressure.


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What is Yacon Syrup?

It is a raw and organic sweetening agent, derived from the tuberous roots of the yacon plant which is native to the Andes Mountains. The syrup is freshly extracted from the root of the plant which contains huge amounts of vitamins, potassium and antioxidants. It is non glycemic, pesticide free, low calorie, vegan and natural. It helps to improve the magnesium and calcium absorption thereby strengthening the bones, improves the absorption of vitamins, reduces blood sugar disorders and regulates the digestive system.

How Yacon Molasses Works?

The plant being high in prebiotics such as Fructooligosarccharides and Insulin concentration, resists breakdown by enzymes in the digestive system of the human body and extends to the colon without being digested, which in turn proves that it has very less calories. The intake of the syrup augments defecation frequency and level of fullness. The prebiotics present in it also act as a soluble fiber thereby helping to prevent constipation by increasing the stool bulk. Yacon Molasses also helps to reduce the appetite of the people and make them eat less by regulating the production levels of gastrointestinal peptides that work in gastric emptying rates correcting insulin level and amount of food consumed.


It is basically a part of the sunflower family and a member of the Jerusalem artichoke. It is mainly composed of carbohydrates and water and the sweetness hails from the high levels of oligo fructose and some other simple sugars containing very less calories. The glycemic index ranges between 1-3. Yacon syrup is extracted out of the roots of the yacon plant which is made up of prebiotics Fructooligosarccharides and insulin. These are the key ingredients that help to suppress food cravings and appetite.

Side Effects

There are no major side effects reported so far and since it is very high in soluble fiber, there are not even any digestive side effects of consuming it. Some of the minor possible side effects might include nausea, diarrhea, flatulence and cramping.


The price basically varies according to the different packages available, that is, one can choose from a six month supply, three month supply or one month supply. The best value offered by six month supply includes 3 bottles of the syrup along with 3 additional bottles absolutely free at a price of $119.95. The value offered by three month supply includes 2 bottles along with 1 bottle absolutely free at a price of $79.95 and the price of one month supply is $39.95. So therefore one can choose a package according to their convenience.

According to the reviews many people have acknowledged that it is very effective in losing weight. Consuming 1 pill of 500 gm with a glass of water before every meal has yacon molassesshown tremendous results in reducing the appetite of the people for the rest of the day. According to a study consisting of 60 people with each one of them consuming the syrup thrice a day with a normal diet and exercise, the results were quite positive, with approximately 70 percent of the women losing weight and 70 percent said that they would recommend this syrup for weight loss. Many people were stunned at the amazing results as it proves to be very effective.

Where to buy it?

It can be bought from the official website.

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Over time it has become quite evident that Yacon Molasses is very helpful as a natural remedy for weight loss, constipation and improving blood sugar levels. In a recent show, Dr Oz referred to Yacon syrup as “metabolism game changer” and educated people on the value and health benefits of the same. With its excellent results it has been named as “medicinal plant syrup”. Hence it can be rightly said that one of the major breakthrough in weight loss research is the discovery of this plant.